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As the world moves into a more digitized age, companies everywhere are utilizing the latest in computer technology in order to provide convenience and efficiency in all aspects of life. Whether you're ordering dinner at a restaurant, checking in at a hotel, or even getting information about a current museum exhibit via its interactive display - computer hardware products such as COM Express boards, digital signage players and touch panel PCs are becoming commonly integrated to complete the tasks, collect and disburse information and enhance end-user's experience.

Retail, restaurant and hotel establishments are investing in point of sale (POS) and informational systems that they believe will give them a competitive edge. We here at Axiomtek are proud to once again show you the latest technology, coupled with the reliability that you've come to trust from our company, that can be applied to a variety of your POS, kiosk and display project needs.

Smart Retial

Internet of Things and smart retail
Retails stores have changed significantly with the advent of "smart" technology and the Internet of things (IoT). These companies can now learn more about their customer's preferences, purchasing habits and behavior to tailor their specific product offerings to individual customers. With the use of IoT and smart POS systems, retailers are able to effectively collect and analyze information that can help create lasting customer relationships and build brand loyalty.

Smart Hospitality

Big data capabilities and smart hospitality
Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance whether you're working in the hotel industry or in food services. Understanding customer preferences will increase the ability to provide more personalized service and get repeat sales. Advancement in technology help create smart equipment that can help both buyers and sellers of products and services to be smarter - buyers for making the smart purchasing decisions and sellers for offering the right products and services to the target audience.

Entertainment in the smart technology era
Entertainment can be constant and seamless. Places like cinemas, sports arenas, museums, etc., can achieve higher attendance and ticket sales with advanced display systems. Operational efficiency can also be enhanced with the help of smart machines.

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