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Displat promote a new model

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1ST January,2016. Shanghai line 1 south huangpo subway station,Line 2 west Nanjing road subway station.Line 7 Jing’an temple subway station and Line 11 Xujiahui subway station addition the high-tech digital signage interaction with subway,The subway platform more than a beautiful landscape.
It is reported that the digital signage project is the result of multi-selection by the advertiser, digital signage manufacturers in many aspects, in accordance with the quality of product innovation, production scale, product quality, comprehensive strength, and ultimately the "lock" Shenzhen USER Special Display Technologies Co.,ltd. It’s USER company and advertiser full cooperation to build. Projects to demonstrate the reality of interactive link with the dynamic digital signage article in between the main character's hair, in the overall project is displayed, not difficult to find, when the object is allowed to stand before the state of digital signage, advertising characters transform different expressions, simulation of self-camera mode, enter the subway station or when a moving object, advertising people will wind flying hair before digital signage, summer sea fly like naughty hair blowing, when the train pulled out of the platform, advertising characters hair resumed compliant mode within the digital signage industry is the interaction with the outside world by the Shenzhen USER Special Display Technologies Co.,Ltd exclusive technology was designed to create a "virtual reality to make" a new combination of digital signage, digital signage to promotional material inside combined with a realistic scenario, when a realistic scenario to achieve the desired contact, promotional material will show different from the original image, to overturn the traditional concept of advertising to create new advertising experience model.

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